Colliers Wood Open Gardens

Saturday 2nd July 2011

Map - see below for opening times
map of the Open Garden locations

We hope that you enjoy the visits to our gardens and you may be inspired by some of the things you see. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times, and that dogs, where allowed, are kept on leads.

Map Ref.Opening TimesAddressNamesAccess PointRefreshmentsToiletsDogs
111:00-12:004 Chesham RoadDerilynfront doorYes
211:00-3:006 Denison RoadLesliefront doorYes
310:00-1:0013 Miller RoadJennyfront doorYesYes
42:00-3:0017 Lyveden RoadLiz and Bobfront door
510:00-3:0032 Park RoadGeorge and SuzieYesYesYes
610:00-3:006 Marlborough RoadLyn and Peterfront doorYesYes
710:00-3:008 Marlborough RoadBarbaraside gateYes
8manned 10:00-11:00Community gardening project: raised beds, Johmard Centre, 65 High StreetKeithon streetYes
911:00-12:0012 Park RoadLesley and Ross (manned by Keith)side gate
1011:00-3:0028 Harewood RoadSarah and Derekside gateYesYes
1111:00-2:006 Cavendish Road*Trevorside gateYesYesYes
121:00-3:00Vegetable Garden
Singlegate School
South Gardens

*There will be a collection for a field trip for Trevor's son.

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