Ballet Classes for Adults

Ballet classes for adults (men and women) are held every Thursday between 8.15pm and 9.30pm at the Colliers Wood Community Centre, 66-72 High Street, Colliers Wood, London SW19 2BY.

ballet classThe classes were started as part of the Making Colliers Wood Happy project where soundings showed a very high level of interest and sustained demand from people who had not had the opportunity to learn ballet when young or who had reluctantly given up ballet through family or other circumstances and who now wished to be given a "second chance" to fulfil those earlier ballet ambitions. It was also surprising when doing the research just how many people had an "inner ballerina" yearning to be released!

Bethany, the Ballet MasterBethany, the Ballet Master (Instructor), trained at the Royal Ballet School, and dances with Matthew Bourne's company, New Adventures. Her knowledge, love and passion for ballet comes through very strongly in class as does her keenness to teach and encourage absolute beginners, as well as hone the skills of those with previous training.

The Ballet Master's inspirational approach not only teaches the steps and movements but helps dancers interpret the music so the expression of the meaning, feelings and emotion of the piece can be conveyed to an audience. This aspect of ballet may not have figured very largely in previous ballet classes.

ballet classDancers find that often the interpretation and the successful expression of this in dance can be as rewarding as the execution of the steps and movements.

The classes are for absolute beginners, and those with some experience, the training being structured to enable dancers to learn ballet within their capabilities and without strain or injury.

Initially there will be one class but as dancers gain experience (and more beginners arrive) intermediate and advanced classes are envisaged.

Professional dancers are also very welcome and encouraged to come and sample this stimulating class.

ballet classThe class consists of the barre followed by centre practice and lasts about 1¼ hours. There is then a 15 minute refreshment and social break during which dancers can give any feedback to the Ballet Master.

ballet class - barresThe barres have two parallel hand rails allowing dancers each side, and dancers will initially need just to wear loose clothing that is easy to move in and if no ballet shoes, a thick pair of socks. No trainers.

Although primarily for adults (men and women), promising 16 and 17 year olds will also be welcome.

There are no advance fees and attendance does not have to be continuous. Dancers pay only for each evening they attend - £5 - which includes the cost of refreshments.ballet class - break

Here is the opportunity and second chance to fulfil your dream.

For further information, please contact the co-ordinator, Tony, on 020-8542 2977.

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